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Activities for Social Connections

It’s easy to get so caught up in our daily lives that we can forget how important staying connected to friends and family is to our wellbeing. At Hello4Health, we provide activities for social connections for people of all ages. From volunteering to pen pals to game nights, there are so many ways to be socially healthy. Take a look at the activities below and find ways to connect with people that will benefit both parties.

  • Social Media and Social Connections

    Adults, All Ages

    Are you feeling lonely and depressed lately? It could be caused by spending too much time on social media. Here’s some good news though! An easy antidote is just a phone call away.

  • It’s Party Time – Throwing a neighborhood…

    Adults, All Ages, Families

    Hosting a neighborhood block party is easier than you think. Here are some simple steps and ideas for planning a neighborhood gathering.

  • Conversation starters for neighbors

    All Ages, Families

    Conversation starters are a fun and easy way to build new or existing relationships with your neighbors.

  • Make a neighbor map

    All Ages

    Once you’ve chatted up a neighbor, use our Neighbor Map to keep notes of key insights to remember.

  • Easy ways to meet your neighbors and…


    Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the area, meeting your neighbors can feel intimidating. But don’t stress, there are a variety of ways to introduce yourself – virtually, in person, at an event – take your pick.

  • Social connections bingo

    All Ages

    Take the Social Connections Bingo Challenge! It’s a fun and family friendly way to try new things and share experiences.

  • Ready, set, connect through sports!

    All Ages

    Playing a sport not only provides a fun activity, but is an easy way to connect with people – and it helps you stay fit!

  • Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt


    Explore your neighborhood while searching for items—and ask your neighbors to join in too, it’s a great community group activity!

  • Lifelong Engagement Groups and Activities

    Older Adults

    Staying engaged as an older adult means maintaining and building new connections with people and groups in your community. Try out these social wellbeing activities to build lasting connections!

  • Connecting through sharing photos and stories

    All Ages, Older Adults

    Younger generations are used to sharing photos quickly and easily through social media and smartphones. Here are some ideas for sharing photos and stories to build meaningful connections with older adults in your life.

  • Low-Tech Ways to Stay in Touch with…

    Older Adults

    Check out these creative tips for staying connected with older adults through calls, letters and cards.

  • Making Volunteer Connections

    All Ages

    Volunteering benefits more than the community. Research shows the volunteer benefits as well. There are so many ways to volunteer and it’s also a great activity for strengthening social connections.

  • Putting your Life Back Together After Grief…

    Adults, Families

    This group activity is focused on ways to connect with people who are dealing with grief and loss, and processing these feelings together.

  • Making a Connection Capsule

    Adults, Older Adults

    Create a “connection capsule” for a friend or family, and fill it with your shared favorite things and memories as a way to connect. If you can’t be together, do it online for a fun social activity.

  • Staying Grounded and Connected to Self, Family…

    All Ages

    There are simple ways to be socially healthy you can do every day to connect to others and stay present in the moment. Making these practices part of your regular routine can help you stay in touch with what matters to you most.

  • Common Interests Create Common Bonds

    All Ages

    Creating connections is easier when you have shared interests, and it deepens bonds by doing something together! Below are ways to connect with people who like the same things you do.

  • Connecting Through Exercise

    All Ages

    Play is nature’s remedy for stress! Connecting through exercise is one way to increase your activity while also a way to be socially healthy.

  • Take a “Noticing Walk” with Kids

    All Ages, Families

    When we walk in nature and notice it's “magic,” we get a deeper connection to the earth and ourselves. Taking a “noticing walk” with kids adds even more magic to the experience and encourages kids to appreciate nature’s wonder.

  • Gratitude Texting Groups

    All Ages, Families

    Share positive thoughts and gratitude with your friends and family, for a great social well being activity.

  • Send a Smile to an Older Adult

    All Ages, Families, Older Adults

    A simple card, note or greeting can help prevent isolation and loneliness for an older adult in our community. This activity allows you to express yourself creatively while connecting.

  • Virtual Book Club

    All Ages, Families

    We love gathering in someone’s home or in a coffee shop, talking with our friends about books, eating good food, and sharing laughter and conversation. But sometimes it’s not possible to meet in person. An online book club is a fun virtual group activity!

  • Supporting Older Adults through Volunteering

    Adults, Older Adults

    Support older adults through these simple, easy volunteer connections.

  • Make a Musical Connection

    Older Adults

    Music has the power to evoke memories and create new ones. Share music with the older adults in your life to spark connection and appreciation for melodies, new and old.

  • Recipe Exchange


    Food brings people together like nothing else. Exchange your favorite recipes with others while building your relationships.

  • From Pen Pal to Forever Friend

    All Ages

    In our digital world, the art of putting pen to paper is fading. Writing a letter to a pen pal can brighten their day (and yours) and be an important social wellbeing activity for both of you.

  • Family Build a Story Time

    Adults, Families

    Strengthen your connections with family members through storytelling & humor!

  • Lunch Hour Conversations


    Do you miss lunchtime conversations with your coworkers? Recreate them with your neighbors through this fun activity for social connections!

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