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#StayConnectedMN with Hello4Health

Posted on: February 3, 2022

#StayConnectedMN with Hello4Health™

Connection is one of the most important things for our mental well-being but we know not everyone has the social supports and skills to stay connected. This month during the Minnesota Department of Health’s #StayConnectedMN campaign, the Hello4Health Instagram account will be posting resources and tools to meet everyone wherever they are on their social-connection journey.

What can you do?

  • Follow Hello4Health on Instagram for simple ways to stay connected to ourselves, friends, neighbors, and loved ones.
  • Like, comment on or share Hello4Health posts to spread the awareness of the importance of social connections.
    Follow #StayConnectedMN on your social media channels to follow or engage in the conversation.
  • Visit for even more fun activities to connect with others and social skill-building tools to make connecting easier!

Talking about loneliness

During this month, with the increased messaging around the importance of social connections, there may be moments for conversations around loneliness. Often, there is stigma associated with loneliness and it can be hard to talk about. Here are a few tips on how to talk about loneliness for the person who is feeling lonely, and for their concerned loved one.