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Supporting you on your social connection journey

Posted on: June 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the nature of our social interactions. In-person changed to online or not at all; smiles were covered with masks; and people were hesitant about exposure when running errands. Now that restrictions are being lifted, you may find yourself re-entering the social scene with some uneasiness – you’re not alone. In a recent survey by American Psychological Association, 49 percent of Americans are uncomfortable about returning to in person social interactions.

Hello4Health™ is here to provide you with fun activities and resources to make connecting easier. When connecting with others, remember to go at it on your own pace and be gentle with yourself and others. We all may have different comfort levels and it’s important to respect your own and others’ boundaries.

  • Reconnecting Tips – During the pandemic you may have lost connections with friends, these tips will help you take the first step in reaching out and getting reacquainted. 
  • Building New Connections – As Adults, making new friends can be challenging. Explore ideas for expanding your social networks in a post-pandemic world.
  • Common Interests Create Common Bonds – Creating connections is easier when you have shared interests, and it deepens bonds by doing something together! Check out some ways to connect with people who like the same things you do. 

Unable to interact in person? Check out resources and how-to tips for connecting through Video Chat.

Visit the Hello4Health website for more activities and tips to connect with others. 

Share your story! 

Have an inspirational story of how you made a special connection with someone? Or want to share a story of a social connection that’s important to you? Share your story with us to inspire others on their social connection journey!