Gratitude texting groups

Practicing gratitude is good for you. It not only increases happiness and reduces depression, but research also shows it helps us make new or strengthen our existing social relationships. In this activity, we’ll give you tips and suggestions for sharing gratitude—right in the palm of your hand.

It’s easy as 1-2-3

Start a gratitude texting thread with a group of friends or family using these simple steps.

  1. Take one minute a day to feel heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Savor someone, or something, you are grateful for. Pair this with a daily ritual like your morning coffee, listening to music, waking up in the morning or even the first moment you sit down at work.
  2. Send a text to a person or group of people you are grateful for. Try starting with “I am grateful for…”
  3. Encourage your friends or family to share what they are grateful for each day.

Continue to practice gratitude and share what you are grateful for with your friends or family for 30 days. Notice how your life changes, how you respond to challenging situations and how gratitude enhances your life. Write down what you notice, reflect and be grateful.