Making social connections. Building wellness.

When you connect with others, you give your health a boost! The physical and mental benefits of social connectedness lead to healthier, more engaged communities. And it starts with you. Just say Hello!

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Making social connections is an important way to be healthy and strong, just like exercising, drinking water and eating nutritious food.

Just like those traditional ways to build wellness, making social connections requires investing time, energy and intention.

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  • 50%

    People with strong social relationships are 50% more likely to live longer.

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  • 35%

    Adults age 45 and older who are lonely.

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  • 50hours

    The time it can take for someone you don't know well to turn into a true friend.

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  • 24%

    One study found that 24% of adults 65 years and older were socially isolated.

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Importance of Social Connectedness

Research shows social connection can significantly improve mental and physical health.

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Making Social Connections

Inspiring Stories

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"As I walked in the front door that day to sign the paperwork, I met Janette. She greeted me with a smile on her face and a gift bag to welcome me."
Read Jean's story
"I make a point of delivering a plant with a card welcoming them to the neighborhood. Over the years of doing this, we have seen relationships blossom and grow."
Read Karla's story
"Sometimes we have to be intentional with how we create connections. Those small, short conversations may seem meaningless, yet they create a connection between all of us and remind us of our humanity and “togetherness."
Read Janna's story
"We’ve been playing other games on the chalkboard over the past few months. It’s been fun to make a connection with my neighbor through a simple game – even if their identity is still a mystery to me!"
Read Ethan's story

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