Lifelong activities and engagement groups

COVID-19 has shown us how to be creative in connecting with others. But, even long after the pandemic has ended, social isolation is a reality of everyday life for many people. That’s why it’s really important to engage in activities and with groups you enjoy for the long-term. Take advantage of online platforms and groups that have adapted to connect in new ways.

Below are a few lifelong activities:

  • Webinars and other classes: It’s never been easier to participate in such a variety of online activities and webinars. Check out Senior Planet to view free webinars of interest to older adults—from smartphone and photo sharing basics, to fitness and crafting groups.
  • Interest groups: Did you know you can join a group for just about anything that interests you? Connect with fellow cat-lovers, collectors or cooks! You can check with local community centers, libraries or non-profits, or search social media for existing groups. You can even start your own!
  • Continuing education: Courses offered at local universities are great opportunities and activities for lifelong learners. Contact your local university to see if they are an affiliate of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute network, which provides non-credit courses for people over age 50.
  • Game groups: Game night is fun for everyone! Check with local community centers, libraries or non-profits to see if they offer a game night or game group, or search social media for game groups near you.
  • Music groups: Whether you play an instrument, want to learn, or want to share your love of music with others, these groups are great for connecting. Consider hosting a ‘concert’ to listen to music with friends, sing songs, or put on your own performance.
  • Crafting/sewing groups: From refurbishing to sewing, to quilting and restoration – there are so many ways to practice your craft. Try connecting with others to share ideas, tips, tricks and maybe even a few laughs!
  • Social groups: An excellent way to stay in touch with your peers. You can often find social groups through the groups listed above, or check out your local non-profits to see what they offer.