Making a connection capsule

You may have heard of a time capsule, but have you heard of a connection capsule?  You can fill a special box, tin or bag with special items and give it to a friend or family member to strengthen your connection from a distance.

Time capsules capture the essence of a period in time; a connection capsule captures the essence of a relationship.

Here are the basic steps…be sure to customize to make it personal!
  • Choose a container. Find a box, tin or bag to hold your items. The container can hold special significance itself or it can be a regular container.
  • Decide what to include. Before just adding things, make a list of ideas for what to include, such as:
    • Photographs of special moments you’ve shared
    • Memorabilia from outings, celebrations or other events (e.g., ceremony bulletins, tickets, fortune cookie fortunes)
    • Favorite recipes
    • A list of favorite musicians, albums or songs
    • Reminders of favorite spots in nature (such as items you have collected)
    • Written memories (journal entries, accounts of time shared, old letters to and from one another, old greeting cards)
    • New writings about hopes for the future, things you appreciate about the other person or gratitude for the relationship
    • Trinkets/figurines
    • A book
    • A small gift
    • Collectibles: coins, stamps, cards
    • Magazine or newspaper clippings of significance to your relationship
  • Put it all together and deliver it. Arrange your items in your chosen container and add a note about what it is. You can print out the card below or write your own to include with the container when sending.

Hey there __________,
This is a ‘Connection Capsule’ I created just for you. It’s like a time capsule, but it’s filled with our shared memories and favorite things. In it, you’ll find items we both love and reminders of memories we’ve made together. Have fun looking through the capsule, and know you are never far from my mind and heart.

All the best,