Ready, set, connect through sports!

A home run! A touchdown! A game-winning goal!

Sports can help us connect with diverse groups of people through a shared common interest. And there are many ways to participate in sports, whether it’s playing or cheering your team on. Consider one of the following ways to get active and connected:

  • Join a local sports team. Local parks and recreation offer a variety of sports leagues where you can learn a new sport or pick up where you left off in your youth.
  • Participate in a partnering sport, like tennis or pickleball. Community centers and fitness centers often have events or lessons you can attend alone or get partnered up with someone.
  • Find a workout friend who will keep you motivated. Sometimes having an accountability partner for exercise is all you need to get moving. It works really well with individual sports like running, yoga and walking. Make a commitment to move, and check in with your partner.
  • Volunteer to coach your child’s sports’ team. You will not only strengthen your connection with your child, but you will also meet the parents and caregivers of kids on your team.
  • Cheer on your local sports team with others. While you may not be on the field playing, the connection you make with others in the stands supporting your team is good for your health too!