Send a smile to an adult

A variety of community-based organizations are looking for help in sending joy to older adults and reminding them they are not alone. It’s simple: just write cards, notes or greetings and send to the organization. They’ll give them to their community of older adults.

This is an activity anyone can participate in. It’s fun for families to do with children and offers a new way to engage with older adults in the community from your own home.

Where to start?

Each organization coordinating messages for older adults has a unique process. Often they ask to have the cards or messages mailed to them for distribution. Be sure to check with the organization on any guidelines they might have. Below are a few organizations or ways to look for organizations collecting cards for older adults around the Twin Cities:

What can I send? 
  • Letters, cards or postcards
    • Focus on general “thinking of you” themes
    • Positive messaging on comfort and joy
    • Include well wishes and words of encouragement
    • Include poems and quotes to brighten their day
    • Share something light and personal – maybe information about kids, a hobby, a pet or fun activity
    • Sign your letter/card with your first name and last initial
  • Home-made art/pictures
    • Use bright and engaging colors and designs
    • Use stickers, stamps, colored tissue paper, markers or crayons to liven it up
    • Repurpose old calendars or greeting cards to create a new piece of art
    • Have kids draw a self-portrait introducing themselves
  • Care packages
    • Check with the community-based organization for what are the most needed items for older adults in their community